As an alarm system on the web, we ensure the security of your website 24/7.

We are alarming websites for the first time in the world.
Our artificial intelligence module works for your comfort and safety.
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We are here to maximize your online security by actively monitoring suspicious sites. We promptly detect hazardous domains and take preventive measures. Your security is our priority.

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Referanssor Services

Corporate Membership Options


29,90 Usd/montly
  •  Starter Package Features
  •  Business Reference Record
  •  URL protection
  •  Website Integrity Protection
  •  Copy Alarm


99,90 Usd/montly
  • Professional Package Features
  • Homogeneous Planned Search
  • Artificial Intelligence Supported Algorithms
  • -
  • 4000 Attempts/month


Referans Sor

With our professional work team, we are working hard to prevent internet fraud, which is the biggest problem of today. For further information and cooperation on this subject, please contact us.

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+90 542 187 87 41

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Secure query for original sites

Running A Successful Business

It will now be more comfortable and secure to access the original websites of corporate companies, such as shopping, reservations or online shopping. You will be able to see and research all the information about the companies you are looking for, and in this way, you will not be exposed to fraud cases made on the internet. You can find referenced and audited companies in this field in Turkey here. All of these transactions are offered FREE to consumers. You can use this system by becoming a member.

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